Part 2 Wireless Timing Gate set-up



Place the weighted bases on the  track

  • The bases should align with the finish line and the lane markings so that they are centered
  • Ensure that the arrow is facing towards the sun (See section 6. Ensure RaceHQ is expecting your Timing Gates in the correct direction for more information on sunlight)



Set up the Wireless Timing Poles

  • Remove a wireless timing pole from the trolley and insert it into a weighted base
  • Twist while applying minimal downward pressure and the gate will click into place via a notch in the weighted base. The notch will ensure that the timing gate faces the correct way in relation to the sun, and the same direction as the other gates.
  • Continue setting up all of the required wireless timing poles
  • Ensure that ALL lanes that you will be using during the day are in place for initial setup



Video of Hardware set up  

Click here 


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