Part 8 Settings Menu and syncing RaceHQ with ResultsHQ



Settings menu; Web

  • Automatic sync on startup: This means every time you turn on RaceHQ and internet access is available it will automatically update its local copy of your members, PBs and Centre Records.
  • ResultsHQ username and password: Select your centre from the list available, and enter your ResultsHQ password. This is required if you are downloading member list, PBs, CRs to RaceHQ
  • Refresh: Manually update RaceHQ with your ResultsHQ Members, PBs and CRs
  • Stats: This indicates the number of Members, PBs and CRs in RaceHQ based on your centres ResultsHQ profile

Settings menu; General

  • User Assistance: When this is checked, instruction bubbles will appear when you however your mouse over specific features
  • Gate direction: If your base arrows are pointing towards inside of track this is the “reverse” direction so make sure this check box is checked. Note: You can also change this setting by clicking on the blue arrow in the setup screen
  • Allow Next Race: If you would like to run two gated or non-gated races at the same time turn this on
  • This time period means no times will be recorded in the first X seconds of every race
  • Adjust the start device sensitivity to suit your requirements
  • Choose a start sound or turn it off for the computer when a race has started

Settings menu; Printing

  • Print Race Summary ticket: This is for officials or age managers as it has everyone's results on one summary ticket. Tick the box and ticket will print when you press ‘Save’
  • Print Lane Summary ticket: This is for individual members to take with them, as it only has their lane details on the ticket
  • Printer Name: Choose a known printer from those that are installed. Minimum width is 58mm paper. Recommended 80mm thermal printer
  • Select the number of officials summary tickets to print

Settings menu; Event List

  • Select Events: Manually Select events from the available event types, for both gated and non-gated. Whichever events are ticked, they will appear in your event list drop down on the race screen
  • Slide the viewer up and down to see the full list
  • Clear All: Clear all selected events on either Gated or Non Gated menus
  • Default: Press default if you would like to return the standard selections to your drop down menus

Settings menu; Member List & Centre Records

  • View all your RaceHQ known Members and Centre Records.



Settings menu; Peripherals

  • View all your RaceHQ known Members and Centre Records.
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