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You are able to produce barcodes within ResultsHQ to utilise for Auto Results software that you may have. This makes processing of athletes at the end of the track more efficient. 

Note: You must have a Dymo Labelwriter 450 installed to your computer. You must purchase separately Dymo labels 11354, and set the Dymo printer up accordingly. 
When printing the barcodes select Margin = None

To access the barcode producer: 
1. Log into ResultsHQ

2. Go to Settings

3. Within Settings, under the Programs and Events button select 'Generate Barcodes'

4. Within the barcode filter, select the age groups and genders that you would like to print. It is suggested that you only print a small range of members (~30) at a time. You can also choose individual athletes by pressing the 'Refine Members' button and selecting one, or a handful of Members

5. Press 'Generate Barcodes' at the bottom of the screen

6. In a new screen, your barcodes will be produced. This may take a few seconds. 

7. With the barcodes on screen, right click your mouse over the screen, and select print (or just press Ctrl + P). This will bring up a print menu in your browser
8. In the print browser select the DYMO Labelwriter write 450 that you have installed. 

9. Set your Margins as None

10. Print the barcodes

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