RFID Integration/scanning at the Finish Line


To run the timing gate software, RFID scanner and use the RegistrationHQ software, as per steps below, we recommend:

  • Windows 7 or 8 (32 or 64 bit)
  • I5 or I7 processor
  • at least 4Gb of RAM
  • Anti Glare screen with at least 13" monitor Windows 7 or 8
  • 3 USB ports
  • Longest battery life possible

If you are using an Apple platform you will not be able to run all the components as the drivers do not load for our RFID scanner or for the wireless will need to set up a virtual machine or use an application called Wine

Set up your scanner:

To run the close range RFID Scanner you will need the following

  1. Download and then run the driver installer for the close range scanner - here
  2. Plug in your close range RFID scanner via the USB mini cable...the red light is the power light, it will only ever appear red (not green as you may expect)
  3. The laptop should identify the device and install the driver from its newly created driver files from step one
  4. You're now ready to use the scanner!


Loading RFID tags into ResultsHQ in bulk

  1. Log into ResultsHQ Centre Admin area
  2. Go to the Settings - Member List
  3. Export out the member list to csv or excel
  4. Open up the exported member list in excel 
  5. Go to the column called RFID
  6. The four digit code printed on the RFID tag needs to have this string added to the front on it 3000300833b2ddd90140 e.g. tag that has 3456 printed on it should be written into the RFID column as 3000300833b2ddd901403456, tag 1224 will be put into the RFID collumn as 3000300833b2ddd901401224 etc
  7. These tags 3456 and 1224 need to be aphysically given to the athletes who now have the RFID string you allocated them
  8. As the tags provided to you are in a sequencial order, you will be able to quickly combine the 3000300833b2ddd90140 with the tag ID number and then copy this into the RFID column
  9. Once you tags have been assigned correctly to your athletes, you can then savethe file and import it back into ResultsHQ via this link -

Adding/editing RFID numbers one at a time

  1. Using the member edit steps located here 
  2. Add in the same 3000300833b2ddd90140 plus the tag number into the RFID cell in the member view screen
  3. Then press save

Using the RFID scanner with TrackHQ

  1. Make sure the RFID scanner is installed and known to the laptop your are using for the timing application
  2. Plug in the RFID scanner and make sure the red light appears
  3. Open the timing application and go to the settings and then the peripherals tab.
  4. Turn on the RFID Scanning option and choose the appropriate com port...making sure the green dot appears
  5. Make sure you have recently performed a Refresh with ResultsHQ in your web tab (this will bring down all the known RFID tags for each member)
  6. Run your races and scan the members RFID tag for the corresponding will here a fast beeping noise when you get close enough to the tag (5-15 cm away)
  7. The positive ID of the members Name, Age, Gender should appear along with any PBs and Centre Record flags.

Problem solving

  1. If you don't see a name, age,gender appear but instead a long number at the bottom of the timing screen, this means, the Tag is not know to TrackHQ, and most probably ResultsHQ (providing your did a refresh recently with ResultsHQ)...just enter the members id number on their chest (not the RFID tag number) or start typing their first and then last name
  2. If you don't get any beeping as you scan a tag and the red light is on, this means you must not have selected the correct com port from the available com ports in your peripherals settings area. Re select another port and try scanning another tag.




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