Use NovaPDF to print your race results to PDF for great backup

Thanks to David Thies from Sunbury LAC for putting this together! A great idea to 'print' your races to PDF. 

Download NovaPDF at and download the professional edition and install:

Make NovaPDF the default printer.

Open NovaPDF printer – Printing Preferences



Click on the Save tab

Predefined_Settings.jpg (In the After Save area select None)

Click on: Use Predefined settings and then Configure Save Options also if you want just one file 


In the Configure Save Options – Choose the folder you have created for Backups


And for the file name use the Macro to choose fields and you can add anything else such as an Underscore

There is plenty of options you can play with. Here is help on their website:

ATP RaceHQ Application

With the Tassie Box Open RaceHQATP301D Reader software and go to Settings and click on the print tab and choose the NovaPDF printer


Now after each race and you have finished scanning the athletes click on Print and it will create a PDF in the background.

RaceHQ (Wireless Timing Gates or Circular Timing)

Open up RaceHQ and go to settings and click on the print tab

Choose the NovaPDF printer


Also Choose Print race summary ticket when saving race

Now all races will be saved in the same file on that day.

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