RaceHQ Settings

Once you have opened RaceHQ click on the Settings 'cog' in the top right of screen to be able to access the settings forms as per below instructions



Settings menu; Printing

  • Print Race Summary ticket: This is for officials or age managers as it has everyone's results on one summary ticket. Tick the box and ticket will print when you press ‘Save’
  • Print Lane Summary ticket: This is for individual members to take with them, as it only has their lane details on the ticket
  • Printer Name: Choose a known printer from those that are installed. Minimum width is 58mm paper. Recommended 80mm thermal printer
  • Select the number of officials summary tickets to print

Settings menu; Web

  • Automatic sync on startup: This means every time you turn on RaceHQ and internet access is available it will automatically update its local copy of your members, PBs and Centre Records.
  • ResultsHQ username and password: Select your centre from the list available, and enter your ResultsHQ password. This is required if you are downloading member list, PBs, CRs to RaceHQ
             Steps to refresh your member data, and first time RaceHQ Use:
             o   While in the 'Web' tab of Settings, click on Refresh
             o   A list of Centres will appear. Select your centre from the drop down list
             o   Key in your ResultsHQ password
             o   Press Refresh again
            You should notice that the member count and other fields will populate with your latest details
  • Refresh: Manually update RaceHQ with your ResultsHQ Members, PBs and CRs.
  • Stats: This indicates the number of Members, PBs and CRs in RaceHQ based on your centres ResultsHQ profile
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