Editing Race Data



 Choosing the race file that you would like to edit

Back in the opening screen of RaceHQ Editor, you have two options to select race data files: 

a) If you have used RaceHQ to time your races, it would have created folders organised by dates in a directory under Mydocuments/ResultsHQ/<Centre Name>/Gated. (Note: if Non Gated races were timed, then replace 'Gated' with 'Non Gated'). If these folders and underlying data files exist, you will be presented with dates to choose from in the drop down list in the top section of RaceHQ Editor under theRace Dates heading. Choose the appropriate race date, and Gated or Non Gated race that you would like to view

b) If you are networking this computer to your timing computer (to scan competitors on a secondary computer on race day) or if you would simply like to edit race data files that are in your own file location, use the Select button at the bottom of the screen under the Network / Miscellaneous file heading, and then choose the file that you would like to view

 The Race Viewing screen

The race viewing screen is where you will spend most of your time in RaceHQ Editor. Below find a screen shot, and also dot points which discuss some of the main features and processes


  • Missing Entries: Initially the screen will default to Missing Entries; this will show any results across the data file that you have selected that do not have a recognised member ID attached, therefore would not be expected to upload to ResultsHQ. This is particularly useful at beginning of season when for instance; John Smith may have run a race, but didn't have their barcode/patch. Therefore the finish line operation simply types in 'J Smith'. After the competition view RaceHQ Editor the operator then writes over John Smith with the Member ID so that it is truly recognised by RaceHQ Editor. 
  • Drop down menu; You can select specific races from the drop down menu at the top of screen which will have details such as: Race number, race time, race age group. It will also have a green tick against races that have had all their results assigned a member
  • Toggle to Next or Previous Race: Use the blue arrows at the top right of screen to move chronologically between races
  • Upload your race: Press the Upload button from the bottom of the screen while viewing a race to upload that single race. You can also Upload All from the Missing Entries screen
  • Print: Press print to print to your designated Printer (this must be set up via Settings cog)
  • Finish: Once you're complete with the race data file you're working on, press Finish to return to the start up screen of RaceHQ Editor
  • PBs: PBs are marked with a yellow star. Please note: Always run a PB recalculation in ResultsHQ after uploading from RaceHQ. The logic of PBs in RaceHQ is not yet consistent with ResultsHQ
  • CRs: Centre Records are marked by a silver trophy. You can choose to invalidate the trophy by clicking on it and choosing Yes at the prompt. 
  • Cloud: The blue cloud next to each member represents whether it has been uploaded or not. A cross through the cloud indicates that the result has not been uploaded

See help topic RaceHQ Editor Trouble Shooting - click here





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