v2.12.17 - How to use RaceHQ Editor across network

Take a copy of RaceHQ and place it on a networked computer. For latest software, please click here

On the computer that will be your networked / data entry computers, open RaceHQ. Once you open the application the below screen will appear


Click on the Select button which will allow you to search for the RaceHQ data file from either the Gated or non Gated races. These files will be located on the Timing computer, where another copy of RaceHQ will be running. You will only be able to do this if a Network has been established between the two computers. 

Navigate to the file across the network (you are trying to find a file on the computer which is doing the timing with RaceHQ) as per below instructions. Note: You must have SAVED at least one race for the day for a data file to have been created. 

To do this: 

  • A windows explorer / file navigator will appear
  • Click on the bottom left on the Network icon and find the networked computer (Note: You must set up a network from the timing computer, and allow access to this secondary computer before this step)
  • Navigate to the path: <timing computer network>/Documents/ResultsHQ/<YourCentre>/<Season>/Gated or Non Gated folder

You can only add member names either to Gated or Non Gated races at one time. Select either the Gated or Non Gated folder.

Within the folder date stamped folders. Open up the relevant dated folder.

Within the data folder you will find a 'data file' which will house all of the race data that has been saved from the primary computer. Select this file. 

RaceHQ will now open with the race data displayed. You can add member names, print, upload to ResultsHQ, as you need

Depending on whether you have used this computer with RaceHQ applications before, you may need to do a ResultsHQ refresh to get the latest data about your members and events. Click on the 'cog' at the top right of screen to go to the Settings menu. 

For information on how to do a web refresh / sync with ResultsHQ click here

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