How can RaceHQ improve your use of the ATP Timing Box with Timing Gates?

You may be one of many athletics Centres that has been using a set of steel framed Timing Gates to time their laned races, produced by K.C Kew Electronics & Zaltec Pty Ltd. These Timing Gates and associated 'ATP' Timing Box are used to record times for each lane as athletes run through the structure across the finish line. A ticket can then be printed out which illustrates what race time each lane recorded. 

Timing Solutions produces its own brand of wireless Timing Gates, however we have also modified our windows software, RaceHQ, to be able to interface directly with the above mentioned steel framed Timing Gates and ATP Timing box combination.

This enables athletics centres with existing steel framed timing gates and ATP timing boxes to get some of the benefits of RaceHQ.

Below is a picture of a 301 ATP Timing box


The features of RaceHQ for ATP include:

  • Download your members names and ID numbers, as well as their PBs for each event and Centre Records for each Event from ResultsHQ, our online results management system
  • Enter member names against lane results at the end of the race; either via keying in Member Name/Rego number, or alternatively by using barcode or RFID technology to process members faster
  • Notify your members instantly if they have received a PB or broken a CR
  • Choose to print a Race summary ticket which now is complete with lane times, places, names, PB indication
  • Choose to print individual athlete race tickets
  • Upload results directly to ResultsHQ if you have an internet connection at the track, or wait until you get home and review and upload the results there
  • Below is a screen shot of the way data will be presented on the laptop computer to a user. Notice that member names have been entered against race results, and notifications such as a star for a PB, and a trophy for a Centre Record are visible


What are the benefits with all of these features?

  • No longer do you need to manage results recording using paper results tickets from the ATP timing box, which entails; printing ticket, scribing on athlete name or ID, and then keying those results manually into your results management database
  • Race results are managed electronically and uploaded directly into ResultsHQ without picking up a pen or paper
  • You will save your volunteers time and improve accuracy of entered results (no more manual keying errors)

 Click here for a help topic on how to connect your ATP Timing box to a laptop which is running TRaceHQ ATP version

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