How to Update Firmware on your hardware devices

What is firmware?

Firmware is software that determines how a specific piece of hardware will work. In this case, we are talking about firmware which operates our Wireless Timing Gates, and separate firmware that operates the Wireless Starting Devices 

Why would I want to update firmware?

We may create new firmware that causes our hardware to work in a more efficient manner, or have new features. In order to have your hardware working at their highest potential it is required that you update the firmware that exists on your particular hardware items.

What items do I need to do a firmware update?

Firmware updates requires you to have the following items:

1. Service Lite Application - found in Latest Software to Download (click on hyperlink)
2. Firmware version for update -  found in Latest Software to Download (click on hyperlink)
3. Windows computer with the above items available
4. Your hardware (wireless timing gates and/or wireless starting devices)
5. Your wireless USB dongle and USB cable

The firmware update involves a wireless communication between your laptop and the hardware devices. The Service Lite application talks to each of the devices and then erases the existing firmware and loads on the new firmware.

Its important that you are not doing anything else on your computer while doing this update. Your computer needs to be fully focused on the Service Lite software program, and you must not click out of the application otherwise there is a chance that some errors will occur. For best results please shut down all non core applications and don't go and check emails etc while your updating.

Each hardware device will take up to two minutes to have its new version of firmware loaded, so depending on how many devices you're updating make sure that you have enough time to do this. The updating itself won't require you to do anything, except to set it up and let it begin - it will do the rest for you.

How to perform the firmware update

1. Open the Service Lite application. If you do not have this installed, download, decompress and have available on your computer. it can be found in Latest Software to Download (click on hyperlink)



2. Plug in your USB wireless dongle to your computer. Press the Connect button (indicated below) to find your USB wireless dongle



3. A Port Setup dialogue box will appear. Choose your wireless Dongle from the drop down list of available comm ports. If unsure which one to choose, you may need to select one and then see if it is the correct one. If it is not, try the others available in the list. 



4. The circle indicated below should go green when when you select a Comm port.


5. Press Done once you've selected the Comm port.

6. Setup your wireless devices near your computer; they don't need to be set up in a line, just make sure they are nearby so that you have easy access to them during the exercise

7. Turn on one of your wireless devices. As each item is turned on you will see its description appear on the Service Lite application as indicated below.

Note: For this update to occur successfully, please ensure that you have at least 60% battery available in each hardware item. If this is not the case please change the batteries. 

Continue to turn on all wireless devices that you are trying to update. Once you've turned on all items, confirm that you have matching quantity of devices on the Service Lite screen compared with the number of hardware items that you have turned on. 



8. Take note of the Firmware Version that is displayed against each hardware item (eg. in the above example version 1.13 is shown). This will change after the update has been performed to match the version number of the firmware version that you use to update.

9. To navigate and select the firmware version that you with to update onto your devices, click on the icon ("...") to the right of the 'Firmware File' field. This will bring up a navigation window which will allow you to find the file you need to update your firmware.



10. Locate the .rhq file that you downloaded and click on "Open"



11.  Now back in your main Service Lite screen, any versions of firmware that are not aligned with the new version that you've just selected will be indicated with red text as indicated below



12. Click on the Program All button to update all connected hardware units



13. If your battery levels are lower than 60% you will see this message appear and that device will be bypassed



14. The progress indicator will grow until it gets to 33% at which time it will jump to 100% and move onto the next device in the list

Your device will make three short beeps as it starts it update and then one beep when it restarts and is ready with the new version loaded



15. Once the updates are finished you will see that the firmware version on the screen against each device will have updated and should match your downloaded version.



16. When you finished your firmware updates click on the red X in the top right corner of the application.

17. Depending on what version of firmware that you updated to your devices may or may not turn off. If you do not hear your devices turn off when the Red X is pressed then manually turn off your devices and then you can pack them away.



If you are having any troubles along the way please contact us with details at

Trouble Shooting

A. If an error message is shown and the device can not be loaded;

Wait until you have finished all your other devices successfully

1. Turn the Service Lite application off

2. Turn service lite back on and connect to your USB wireless dongle

3. Take a battery out of the troubled device (which turns off the device without resetting its memory) and put the battery back in 

4. Turn the device back on. You may hear three short beeps - this means that it is in Update mode - this is fine. 

5. Click on Global Message - global messages

6. Click on unit scan

7. If device/s are not visible on your service lite screen try the next step, otherwise re program the visible devices

8. Click on bootload scan

9. If device/s are not visible on your service lite screen try the next step, otherwise re program the visible devices

10. Click on exit bootload

11. If gates are not visible on your service lite screen try the next step, otherwise re program the visible gates

12. Do step 10 a couple more times and also disconnect a battery and reconnect it, then turn the gate back on and try step four again

If still no luck contact us for trouble shooting


B. Battery low error message

This indicates that the battery percentage on a device is below 60%. You need to put new batteries in before a firmware update can occur


Further Troubles

If you are having any troubles along the way please contact us with details at

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