Email Communication in ResultsHQ is getting an upgrade!

The email out process from ResultsHQ is getting an upgrade! This is to make sure that it is extremely robust when it comes to large lists of people AND we are bringing you some more advanced email formatting tools, so that you can send nicer emails to your users. 

Unfortunately this means a backwards step in the short term as we write some code to repoint a few things around. So, what this means for you (in the short term):

  • Your emails to members will no longer be sent from your Organisation/Centre email address. 
  • Your emails to members will be sent from
  • We suggest that within the body of your email that you mention to your members to send any replies to your Organisation/Centre email address (and list it in the email body)


Longer Term (hopefully July 2014)

Once we're finished playing around, we are planning on having the below functionality:

  • Your emails will again come from your Organisation/Centre email address, however you will need to first verify the email address with Amazon email services. You will kick-off the verification process from ResultsHQ, and then receive an email from Amazon. You will need to click a link in the email to prove that you are the correct person to be sending emails from this email address!
  • You will be able to format your messages to a much higher degree than the existing platform
  • You will be able to include attachments with your email
  • You will be able to easily change who the email comes from (eg. Registrar vs Results Official)
  • You will be able to save lists of people that you have sent to previously
  • You will be able to send lists to more advanced email tools such as MailChimp


We hope that you will appreciate these changes once they are implemented!

Shout out below with any more suggestions of things that you would like to see


The Timing Solutions Team


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