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You can set up a list of products that your members can choose from during the online registration process. The dollar value of these products will be added to their Registration receipt and appear in your Status Manager

Showing the Products page in online registration is optional. By default it is set to be turned off. 

To set up products that can be displayed during the online registration process, follow these steps:

1. From within your ResultsHQ profile, select Products from under the Registration Setup button in the Settings menu, as per below screen shot


2. The Products page will be be displayed. In the empty fields at the top of the screen, you can set up products, simply by filling in the fields and then pressing Save. See below screen shot with descriptions noted against each of the available fields. 


3. Now that you have set up a Product, it will appear in the list on the page, as per below screen shot. 

4. To turn your Product page ON during the online registration page, choose Yes at the appropriate option at the base of the page. 

5. To view a report which shows which Products have been chosen during online registration, press the View Product Report button

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