Timing Poles may warp if in extreme heat

The Timing Poles are made from a PVC product. This material is able to withstand direct sunlight on extreme weather days while in use, to the extent that the temperature of the material does not exceed ~55 Degrees C. 


Do not leave in a extremely hot locations that would exceed 55 degrees C, such as a car on a hot and sunny day. 

It's amazing how hot the internal temperature of a car may get on a day when the outside temperate may only be 30 Degrees C. This is not helped by hatch backs which allow for a lot of sunlight to stream into the car. 

Please DO NOT leave your hardware in a car on hot days when the sun will heat your car to extreme temparatures. Your timing poles may warp, leaving them looking quite ugly. 

If you are transporting your timing poles in a car, then whenever parked / stationary for long periods take them out of the car ideally to a shady spot. 

Note: We are currently prototyping with a new pole that is made from Polypropylene which has a much higher heat tolerance, to avoid the above situation

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