Entering High Jump from Paper Recording Form


1. When you first open up CompetitionHQ on a particular date you will be greeted with a screen such as below, within which there are no Genders, Ages, or Events selected. Because of this there will not be any event or member data on the screen. 



2. Select the Gender and Age Groups that you would like to enter results for. You can enter results more any combination that you would like. Simply click on the category that you would like to include in your results entry screen and you will notice that category will be highlighted in blue 


3. Select the High Jump Event that you would like to enter results for. You can only select one event at a time.


4. To use the Simple high Jump method (instead of the live count back method) go to settings and tick on the Simple High Jump options then press finish.

5. After entering in the raw height the places are all equal for the first three athletes as they all have the same height. However we want to change the place from 2nd to 3rd and 4th for two of these...


6. So click on the place value and change it to hat ever it needs to be, then repeat the steps for other places. In this case we only needed to change the first two equal 2nd places athletes to 3rd and 4th. You can now upload or move onto your next age gender event.


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