Changing your Paired Devices

This is a quick step by step of how to change over devices that have been paired to your laptop, with some new devices.


1. Untick the Use preconfigured list of units


2. Turn on your new Gates and start devices as you normally would following the standard set up procedures  


3. Select the Use preconfigured list of units option, and then hit Setup 


4. Click on the Use Current Unit List


5. Pres Yes when the warning comes up on the screen 

6. You should now see the list of new units on the screen and your old units will have been removed. This is also a time to turn on any extra devices that you may want to use later on. Make sure once it been detected by this screen you then turn that spare device off before continuing.


7. Now that you back at the set up screen, you have all your devices connected and happy, press Continue and have a great session.

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