How to set up Nominations

Nominations allow you to setup a meet and invite either individuals from your centre, or expand the invitations to any Centre in the ResultsHQ system. Invites can be set to limit available events by number of events and/or minimum performance levels. You can require payment and establish a list of Duties that need to be selected as part of the nomination process.

The set up process is very simple...just follow these steps:

1. Set up a calendar date and apply your events to it - more...

2. Click on the Invite button


 3.Then either let families nominate themselves and or the centres (if your inviting other centres)...Also you can set a maximum number of events kids can be nominated in and the number of events on offer. Make sure you press Save once you have adjusted the fields..down the bottom of the page.


4. The family then sees this Invite button


5. When they click on View they will then see the available Meets that are taking nominations.


7. The nominations look like this...Notice it tells them of the maximum number of events they can nominate for. In this example due to there being incorrectly specified event times all events show potential clashes.


8. The moment these are ticked and submitted, back in your Centre Admin Nominations page you will see their nominations. You can at any point turn off the family nominations, and then go and edit any nominations you like...effectively overwriting their family nominations..

To get to the Centre Admin nominations area go to Settings - Season Calendar and click on Nominations


View on nominations details.


9. Now that you have athletes in events only these athlete will appear in your recording sheets and on your results entry can come and add extra kids on the fly as required too.

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