Invite other centres to nominate athletes for your event

You may be wanting to run a special event day or weekend, where you invite other centres to nominate athletes for the available events.

This is easily achieved by following these steps:

1. Go to Events - Calendar


2. Click in the Invite button for the date you want to invite the centre/s to.


3. Select the centre/s from the list using your Crtl Key and the left mouse button. Note only Centres that are in the same season as you will be available to invite to your meet.


4.Once you have added your chosen centre/s they will appear in a list like this, so you can see which centres have nominated athletes and how many your centre profile has accepted. Click on the View members to accept or reject nominations.



5. Back in the centre you have just invited they will be able to find your nomination invite and nominate their athletes accordingly. They need to go to Event - Calendar


6. They will need to click on the Nominations Invite button


7. They will be able to see the invite details. Then by clicking on the View Nominations they will be able to see which of their athletes are eligible for the carnival.


8. The nomination is as simple as click the option that applies to the carnival - Team Nominations or Member Nominations then complete the entries.

Each option will limit the number of members that are available to add to events based on the settings for the Meet.


OR Member Nominations



9. After the athletes have been nominated the count will be visible here. We can see if the host centre has accepted our nomination too. Currently its a zero accepted.


10. Back in the Host centre now we can accept these two nominations to complete the process. Get to your Settings Season Calendar and click on Invite again. You will now see the nominations. Click on View members to accept these nominations.


11. You can choose to Accept all and Decline all. The default is that everyone is Declined. You can also accept individual athlete events.


12. After accepting athletes their button changes to Decline if you want to change them back to declined.


13. Your centre invited list now shows two nominated and 2 accepted.


14. Back in the invited centre their profile lets them know that the host centre has accepted the two nominations.


Have fun with feature. Let us know if you want to have a special profile set up for this one off day.

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