Export Centre Records from Team Manager

To export your results to be used for a ResultsHQ import, do the following and send us the files so we can import them for you.

These are the steps performed from within your Team Manager 4

Club Records

Click Reports



In the Records Report dialog box there should be an option for your club in the Available Records drop down (I hope so)

Click Create Report

The system will build the report

Top left corner of the report  - click on Export Report

In the Export dialog box change Format to Separated Values (CSV) – you will have to scroll down to find it

Leave the Destination as Disk File and click OK

In the Character Separated Values dialog box leave the defaults but check Same number formats as in report andSame date formats as in report then click OK

Now select your file location and click Save

It will take a while and when it is complete the dialog box will close

You may find that the age groups have not come out clearly. Look for the column that has what looks like dates (probably column N) and you can work out the ages. Because TM uses lower and upper ages, when it reports out 4 to 5 will look like 4-5 which excel sees as 4th May. 6-6 will look like 6th June and so on. You will just need to convert them.

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