Creating a date and program

To add a new date and the relevant age/gender/event combinations to your calendar follow these steps:

1. In the menu click on Event - Calendar


2. Click on Add Meet



3. Give the new meet a name, the required program name (optional) and a date.

At this point you can reuse previous meet date/programs instead of building it from scratch. Use the Copy previous Meet list and then Copy to date.

* Choose from previous dates/programs


* Preview and add to favourites if you like or if your happy with the date Copy the Date


* This is the preview screen where you can add to favourites.


Or you can  build a new program or events, select the Gender/s, Age/s and Event/s that you need. Then press Add Events.


4. The little wheel will spin while its creating all the results references for the relevant athletes on your home page.


5. Once its finished building that combination you will be able to see the events and their age gender groupings...repeat the adding of Gender/s, Age/s and Event/s until you have completed your program

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