ResultsHQ to IMG import

NOTE if your excel export is empty this means your members are already in IMG. This means you do not need to upload your members. As this process looks at IMG before it exports your members to excel so you don't duplicate members.

To get you members from ResultsHQ into IMG follow these steps:

1. Log into ResultsHQ

2. Click on the Registrations menu at the top - then More

3. Click on Batch Details under the RegistrationHQ heading

4. From with the Batch Details screen you will find tabs that represent either All, Batch Ready, Pending, or Approved Batch Returns


5. Click on the Eye icon next to your latest Pending group.

6. Click on the to LAQ-IMG button

7. Now you can use this excel template to import into your IMG portal. Please contact your state body for more more information on this step.

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