Recording Form New Features

We have added in some extra features to the recording forms.

 1. Expanded Sheet Type

For competitions where the top athletes are allowed to have an additional set of attempts the Expanded Sheet Type provides space for 3 additional attempts on the same sheet.

Go to the Recording Sheet option and select the Sheet Type

Then when the recording sheet is produced the Attempt 4 to 6 will display as follows:


2. Handicap Sheet Type

Where your event includes Time based Handicaps, the Handicap Sheet Type displays the Handicap Time instead of the PB in the last column and groups the athletes by the Handicap Time.


3. You can print by club and also by event order


4. Headings are a bit different looking too. Records have shifted and the Event Order/Time is displayed. Event order of 0 and time of 12:00 AM should be entered if you don't want the Event Number/Time to display on the Recording Forms.


5. The option to include inactive members in your recording sheets and results entry is available now too.

Note this is determined by the State body. If this is enabled, follow these steps to turning it on.

Go to Setup - Profile Details


Then scroll down to the "Allow Inactive members to participate". Make this Yes and press save.

Note your existing dates and calendar will not show these athletes, until you enter the next date and calendar. If you want to get inactive athletes to an existing date you will need to use the Event Registration for those dates. Event - Calendar - View - Event Registration. Otherwise you could use the Event - Calendar - Nominations - tick on nominate all.


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