Using Gates for Pack races

You can use the RaceHQ to allow you to time pack/distance races like 800m and 1500m or even Cross Country with your gates.


1. Once you start up RaceHQ you will see this screen and option for Pack races



2. You should then select the number of gates you are going to use for your Pack race



3. Then turn on your gates as per the set up screen display



4. You can also turn on your start/trigger device now



5. Press Go Race



6.  Start your races with the start device or use the hot key on your keyboard "Crtl". Note the (e) telling you that the race was done via the electronic starter. If it was via your key board it would be an (m) for manual start



7. Once the race is underway you can trigger times via your lane/gate and you start/trigger device or via the Shift key on your keyboard. The Type column shows you where the time came from.



8. You can start keying or scanning in athlete even while the race is still do not have to press stop before you start processing your athletes



We hope that helps. If you want to switch from Pack to Sprint races and back again here is how...

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