Nominating Your Members into an Invitational Meet

When your Centre is invited to nominate for an Invitational Meet, there are a couple of ways that you can complete this task.


How to Nominate your Members:

Nominating your members to a meet allows for a clone copy of the member to be shared with the Invitational Meet profile. The member will see all the results achieved at the invitational meet in their family profile however it will be listed as achievements from the profile nominated in to.


1. Login to your Centre Profile and click the Season Calendar button

2. Click the Nomination Invites button at the top right

3. Select the Invitational Meet that you would like to nominate your members in to

The following details what action each of the available buttons perform:


a. Team Nominations - used to nominate teams if the meet includes Team Events. If it is an individual Meet then this will yield a blank page. Click here  for full details on how to nominate teams.

b. Member Nominations - used to nominate members to the meet. This is a bulk nomination option with ALL members and events on a single page. There are options to export the sheet to excel for updating and reimporting and bulk update and filter options on the page.

c. Report - this summary report of your nominations also includes event by event nominations. Use this report to get specific on your nominations and also generate an overall summary report that can be printed and issued to the Meet Organisers as confirmation of your nominations. This report will be blank before any nominations are completed.


Closing of Nominations

Once the meet nomination period has closed, all pages will become Read Only and no further changes can be processed. Contact the event organiser should there be changes required after the nomination window has closed.


Following the close of nominations the Invitational Meet will accept the nominated members which completes the clone copy and allows for start sheets to be generated for the events just like would happen in a normal home profile. All previous achievements (PB's) will follow the member to the new profile. Any changes to the member in the home centre will not update the clone copy of the member in the new profile.

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