eGun - Start Speakers

If your looking for an alternative to a cap gun then your in the right place.

You may not know but your current Wireless Start Device has an Audio Out socket that lets it become an eGun. 

To use this function with the our high powered start speakers follow these steps.

Here is an overview of the start speakers:

  • 106 dB beep or bang
  • 1.2 kgs per unit including batteries
  • Speakers are tethered to each other in a daisy chain and to the start device using the included 20m x 3.5mm audio jack (ear phone size connector)
  • Multiple bangs/beeps can be fired to sound a false start from the one start device
  • They have the ability to have an LED light attached to indicate the start (great for hearing impaired) - this is yet to be tested in the field. Would be additional cost for the light.
  • Use 4 x AA batteries that will give them close to a season of starts
  • One speaker would be sufficient for a 100m start line, 3-4 would be required for a 400m start

The steps to connecting the start device to the speaker is as follows:

1. Connect the audio cable (provided with your speaker) to the audio out socket on the start device.


2. With the other end of the cable plug it into the start speaker


3. Connect your start device as you normally would, once in the "race screen" and the start button is on the screen, make sure you start speaker/s are turned on, then press the start button on the start device.


Note - To change the start sound being made by the start device open up the settings in your RaceHQ application and select Bang or Beep


You can also turn "Off" the microphone sensitivity so that the internal microphone of the start device doesn't accidentally start a race if its knocked or dropped etc

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