Nominating athletes for your own meet/carnival

There are three ways to nominate athletes into your program of events for a date. You can do this via the Athlete View (search for an athlete by name or number) or via the full nomination screen which give you all athletes and possible events or by Event.

Follow these steps to learn where to go:


Option 1 - Athlete View Nominations

1. So to start with go to Events - Calendar


2. Click on the Nominations button next to the Date you're looking to do nominations for



3. To do the Athlete View nominations click on the Athlete View button to open up this new screen


4. Start typing the name or number of athlete your looking for. Then click on view against their name to see their nomination


5. Click on the View button next to the athlete of interest to see their nominated events. You can then remove or add them to events with the tick boxes. Not the moment you tick or un-tick it saves, you can however press update if you prefer after you have changed the nominations.


Option 2 - Nominations Matrix:

1. Using the full nomination screen give you more data to look at, but this can be too much, so use the filters to show the required, age/gender, club information you're looking for. The Reset Filters button will remove the Age/Gender?club filters you have selected.


2. If your screen is not wide enough the athlete # and name will follow you across the screen. Hint good way to scroll sideways is to use your Shift key and your mouse scroll wheel at the same time.


3. There is an All column, this will allow you to nominate/de-nominate all available events for that athlete. Otherwise tick or un-tick the individual events for an athlete. Note the moment you tick or un-tick a check box the system is saving as you go. there is no "save" button as a result. 


4. You can do mass changes if you need to via the Nominate Visible and Denominate All buttons. These are not able to be reversed if you do them as an accident. They will pop up with an "Are you Sure!?" message just to make sure you know what your about to do. 


Option 3 - Event Nominations:


1. Go to Calendar.



2. Click on the View button for the meet you want to add nominations for.



3. Change the view of the Meet page to List view then click on the Nominations button besides the event that you want to add nominations to.



4. Add the athletes that you want to nominate into the meet - note if your screen shows all athletes already nominated then you need to denominate all first before proceeding with this method.



If you want some tips on how to protect your nominations have a read of this topic -HERE

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