RaceHQ 3 Series overview and download

Here is a video to give you a quick overview of the new RaceHQ 3 Series. It has brought all our timing apps into the one application. This video will help you see some of the functions and navigation around this new version of RaceHQ.


Download the latest 3 Series here

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Here is a list of some of the updates:

  • Set up wizard is built into the app
  • All timing apps in one place
  • Lets you know if your firmware is out of date and lets you update them from within the set up screen
  • Better notification if a newer versions of RaceHQ is available
  • General bug and stability improvements
  • No more "dropping" wireless devices when moving from set up to race screen
  • You can turn off a device and turn it back on with out needing to go back to set up screen
  • Bigger interface to allow for better display of information
  • Drivers are within the app to save going somewhere else to get them
  • Great features for Cross Country and handicapping, including RFID timing, lap counts and wave starts


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