Use multiple Age Gender Events in One Race

You have always been able to run multiple age genders in the one event...but now you can run multiple events too. This is great for a cross country or fun run, where you have age/gender A doing the 1km event while you also have age/gender B doing the 2 km event.

This is how you turn this on:

1. Start up the RaceHQ 3 series application and click on the Settings icon


2. Go to General tab and turn on Single Event option then hit Finish or X


3. Providing you have set up your required timing equipment - click on Go Race


4. To access the list of events for your Age Genders click on the Event Setup button


5. Now select the first event distance you want to make available for the race. The select the Gender/s and Age/s (do all the age genders for that one event first, then repeat for the next event distance). Then press Download. This will use the age gender events list from ResultsHQ and display who is available based on your selected combinations


6. The available events will appear and you can tick on or off which even you needed


7. Once you have downloaded your events, you can see them in the list as one group. When ready close the window via the X


8. If you run a pack race now you will see the Age Gender Events

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