FAQs and Tips for RaceHQ

Here is a list of items that will hopefully help your experience with the RaceHQ app and hardware... Download the one page PDF here 


FAQs and Tips

Windows Updates:

  1. Currently Windows 10 has a lot of regular updates coming from Microsoft
  2. These updates may not always obvious, but they can make the laptop work harder than usual causing sluggish performance
  3. There have also been some case of drivers for the timing hub and printers being uninstalled without warning
  4. So if your computer is sluggish, misbehaving, not finding printers/timing hubs and/or has gone through a large volume of data, then this is most likely the cause
  5. You can control when and if the laptop will do these updates - more

Optimal Reception – make sure:

  1. Each gate can see the antenna on your timing hub
  2. The start device/s can see (has a direct line of site) your antenna on your timing hub
  3. The antenna on your timing hub is pointing up towards the sky
  4. The antenna is connected properly to the timing hub or the extension cord
  5. The antenna from that timing hub is above head height and not underneath metal/aluminium shelters or with metal/aluminium structure in the way of its line of sight
  6. If you still have poor reception then your timing hub could have been damaged, please contact us to arrange a quick turn around repair

Timing Gates – make sure:

  1. Arrow on the base of gates point along the finish line and towards the sunniest side of the track
  2. You turn the gates on in order from the inside of lane one first, then the next gate etc.
  3. Before you turn the next gate on – check the battery levels, reception levels and 4 green dots for alignment
  4. Every gate shows four green dots, if not, stop and find out why you do not have four green dots
  5. The pair of just you have just turned on, makes a beep when you walk through

Start device – make sure:

  1. When you turn it on it connects to your set up screen
  2. Check the battery and reception levels

Trouble shooting tips:

  1. Ensure the power settings on your laptop prevent the laptop from going to sleep
  2. If using multiple sets of timing gates/devices, only have one system in “set up” at a time - more
  3. Always do a test race before you start your first proper race to confirm all working
  4. Ensure the timing hub and USB cords are protected from being unplugged/bumped/disrupted
  5. Make sure the timing hub USB cord is plugged direct to laptop not via a USB multi hub
  6. If you have “alignment” issues with a yellow lane and a red cross, untick a lane and tick it back on. Note this indicator lets you still run a race but that lane will not get a time
  7. If you get some crazy time (this is from the USB Hub getting disrupted), you will be best to try and go back to “set up” and come back into “race” screen and do a test race. Otherwise you may have turn off RaceHQ – unplug the timing hub – wait one minute – plug the hub back into the laptop via a new USB port – restart RaceHQ and set up again (note the latest 3 series 3.19.60 on wards has this fixed)


Extra support:

Weekly webinars available -

Email –

Live support call - 1300 954 487

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