Member import via excel

To import members via excel follow these steps:

1. Go to settings via the cog icon in the top right cornerm1.jpg


2. Go to General - Member Data - Export template - Simple This will give you a template to work with



3. Give the template a name and then save it



4. Now you need to get to this template in your folder and open it in excel. This will then let you key in your member details so you can then let that be imported.m4.jpg


5. Key in the details into the required columns and then save the details



6. Now go back to the settings - general - member data file - click on the "..." this will let you find the template you saved 



7. Find your file and then click Open



8. To confirm this is working nicely go to the Member List tab and you should see your athletes. Then click Finish when you're done


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