Navigating your way around your dashboard

Dashboard/home page

From here there are a couple key areas you will be using.

  1. Your Site Name - change the view to your live site from here
  2. Posts - Add news items to your home page and edit delete old ones if you need
  3. Media - Left navigation - you can view, edit and add media to your library, then attach and insert this media into your pages
    • media are things like pictures , documents, PDFs etc
  4. Pages - left navigation - you can view, edit and add new pages to your site. You can also
    • adjust the order of your top drop down navigation bar
    • hide pages
    • adjust page by page the visibility of your sliding banner and the rate of its rotation from image to image
    • update the call out text (area under the sliding banner)
  5. Slide Show - this is where your sliding banner images reside and it lets you adjust the images you want to display
  6. Help - Top right - this expands a menu with content and links specific to the page you are on



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