Points Overview

Each Points Scoring Method needs to be turned on against each relevant Meet Date in your Season Calendar. This will be discussed in a separate section. Click here for the specific forum topic.
1. From within your ResultsHQ profile, select the Settings button from the top right of screen
2. You will find the below buttons which are relevant to the points calculations within ResultsHQ


  • Each button represents a different points scoring 'Method', within which is a different logic and set of variables which you will need to set up (for any method that you choose to use).
  • The details of each Method will be be discussed in more detail in other articles within this forum; an overview is below and a link to each specific topic is availablle

Available Points Scoring Methods

  • Personal Best / PB: Points for equal to and/or better than PBs. Click here for specific forum topic
  • Attendance: Points per meet and/or per event a result was recorded for. Click here for specific forum topic
  • Banding: Build your own bands of performance levels, each with a minimum and maximum result. For each level assign a points value and then apply this to all the given events and age groups you require. Click here for specific forum topic
  • Age Group Place Points: Based on an over all age gender event result group (for track and field) e.g. U6 Girls Shot Put, 1st place get X, 2nd gets Y etc, down to your minimum points allocation. Click here for specific forum topic
  • LPL Points Calc: This is the Linear Points Level calculation. By creating an upper and lower result for each Event / Age / Gender, and also adding what upper and lower level points you would like to apply - results have points applied based on this linear / straight line relationship. Click here for specific forum topic 
  • Event Points Calc: Similar to above, using a straight line method, however rather than entering an maximum result boundary, an increment is defined as well as the points that you wish to apply per increment. Click here for specific forum topic
  • CR Compare: Click here for specific forum topic
  • CR Break: Click here for specific forum topic

Other Points Scoring Methods still in development

  • Multi Event Day

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    Jodie & Mark Heath

    Could someone please explain the new points setting of IAAF?

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    Nick Frederiksen

    Hi Jody, thanks for your question. I'll put some instructions up for the new points method this weekend. We introduced it in the last week to mirror the WALA State Multi scoring process. I've attached a PDF and on page 24/25 you can see the formula methodology as well as the a,b,c variables that are used by IAAF for open age group. It can also be found on this website

    If you'd like these variables to be loaded to your ResultsHQ profile let us know. The only shortfall that I would mention is that there we don't have guidelines for events outside of what is specified in the document (except for 80mH and 90mH). 

    Hope this helps, 

    Regards, Matt


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