Startline function for sprint races

If you are a ResultsHQ customer, you have the ability to take your track results management efficiency the next level.

The start of the race is the perfect time to enter in member details, as this is the time when they are waiting to be marshaled to their lanes. Prior to the race starting, a marshall can enter their details into a smartphone or tablet, and send these names to the finish line (via ResultsHQ). Note: Both the device at the start line and the finish line computer must have internet/3G connection for this to happen.  

Here is a quick video of the process -

To produce a data entry code

1. From the ResultsHQ web portal, click on Setup - Profile details at the top right of screen



2. Click on the Set Pin button


3. Your new random 4 digit pin will be created


4. Copy this PIN then click on the Mobile log in link note (Communicate the security code to your mobile results entry volunteers, as they will need this to access ResultsHQ Mobile and or the Android/iOS app too)


5. One the mobile results entry screen find your centre from the list of centres


 6. Then put in your PIN number and press enter


7. Then click on the Run option


8. Then choose the position of the RaceHQ application you are looking to pair up with



9. Then hit the refresh button once the RaceHQ application is up and running and ready for you to send down some athlete

Set up your RaceHQ software

1. Open up RaceHQ at the finish line of the race. You will need to set up your timing gates following the forum topic

2. Go the Settings cog in the top right corner of RaceHQ. In the Web tab, ensure that you have entered your Centre ID and password in the respective fields and pressed Refresh

3. Ensure that the Enable start line processing box is check



4. RaceHQ is able to distinguish between a number of different track positions (front straight, back straight etc). Ensure the correct position is selected on your software, so that if you are entering member names at beginning of race, the correct position is chosen there also. 

To access the mobile results application

1. Visit the mobile results entry site at:

2. Select your organisation from the available drop down list



3. Enter the password that has been provided to you by Administrator. See above instructions to understand how to set up a pincode. 

4. You will find a Run, Jump, Throw menu. Select Run



5. Then choose the location that matches the timing system you are looking to work with...As per step three. This is so that if you are running more than one timing system you can identify which system is which and then enter member IDs appropriately. In this example there was only one location available "front Straight"




6. The latest event number and race distance will then display for "current" and "Next" races... Current is the most recent race that is about to start or has started, but not yet completed. Next is the race sitting behind Current. This means you can overlap your member ID entry so that you are one step ahead of current. Click on the green view button to open that races member allocations. Press the refresh button if you need to see if the race has been saved and the next race is available for you to enter member numbers in.




Note - you can see that the race number and distance is mirrored in this web app screen based on the finish line timing screen. If the timing software changes its distance and then you click refresh on your start line web app view, the distance will change accordingly. Same goes for the race id number when the save or delete a race.



7. Once you have keyed or scanned in the athlete ID numbers you and pressed save, the finish line screen will get populated with the member ID's you saved and where possible return a positive ID (Name, age, gender)







8. After pressing save the screen returns to the Current and Next screen, and will update once the race has been completed and saved. Make sure you press the Refresh button often enough to stay up to speed with the finish line.


Back to RaceHQ menu click here 

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    Big fan of this functionality...really motors through the heats. Overlapping 400's work a treat

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    Just to let you know that young children often change lanes while running so entering members names at the start line can be problematic.

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