Nominations export to Meet Manager

To export your nominations (athlete name, their event/s and the PB/Season Best) into Meet Manager follow these steps:

1. Create a program and date in your calendar that reflects the age gender events that are available for the nominations.

2. Now that you have a date and program you can nominate the athletes for the events more via the nominations button in your Calendar screen view. Note you can let families nominate from their family portal area if you like click here for more


3. To export your nominated athletes for Meet Manager import - click on the Meet manager button.


4. Then key in your Meet Manager club/centre code and press Export


To import this list into Meet Manager follow these steps:

1. Open up Meet Manager and click on File - Import - Semi-Colon Delimited Rosters/Entries


2. After selecting the file window will show select "yes"


3. Next window select "no"


4. Final window if there are no exceptions

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