Connecting RaceHQ to your ATP Timing Box

Recommended minimum system specifications to run the software are:

  • Windows 7
  • i3 processor
  • 2 Gb RAM
  • All recent updates applied to your system

RaceHQ to ATP application by Timing Solutions

This application allows you to import the data from your ATP timing box, and enrich the race results with member data from ResultsHQ.

You will need to download our application called RaceHQ ATP for your specific type of ATP timing box which will be either 201 or 301. 

For the latest software to download click here

To connect your ATP timing box with our RaceHQ software follow these instructions:

1. Download one of RaceHQ files, based on the specific ATP timing box you have (201 or 301), decompress/unzip it and save it to your desktop/s
2. Purchase a 'USB to Serial' cable from Jaycar (recommended). The specific product is called a USB to DB9M RS-232 Converter. Click here for a link to the Jaycar product guide  
3. Your ATP Timing Box will have one or two printer ports on it, otherwise known as a serial port. If there are two, then use the spare to connect to the laptop. If you only have one port and currently have a printer connected to this, you will need to disconnect it as it will be used to connect the timing box with your laptop (which will be running RaceHQ). You will still be able to print, but it will be via your laptop.

4. Connect the serial end to the serial port of your ATP Timing box. If you have a spare port as per the above image, plug the serial cable into Port 2. Port 1 is normally where the printer is connected. If there is NO spare serial port, then you will need to disconnect the printer and use the serial port that is connected to the printer.

Note: Ensure that the serial port/cable is plugged in very firmly. A common issue arises when this is not plugged in properly. 

5. Connect the USB end of the cable to your laptop. You now have a connection between your timing box, and the RaceHQ application. This will enable data to be pushed across to the laptop when you press 'Print' on the timing box, the data captured in the timing box (ie. results, places, lanes) is sent to the laptop and is available to RaceHQ

6. Make sure the settings on your ATP Timing Box align with the two screen shots below of the ATP/Tassie box settings screens. You can ignore the Age, Event, Heat, Race settings. 

  • Ensure that your ATP Timing Box has the correct date
7. Turn on the RaceHQ software.
(Note: The first time you use the application it will create a file structure in My Documents > ResultsHQ > User Data. There will be a file here which holds your member data. If it's the first time you're using the application it will be blank. It will be populated with Member data once you synchronise with ResultsHQ. It is this file that RaceHQ references when you are entering / scanning member IDs and names.)
7.1 When the software starts up choose the ATP 201 or 301 from the drop down list in the top left corner
8. A start up communication screen will appear as per the below screen. In the smaller window that appears which has 'Port' and 'BAUD' drop down menus follow the below dot points:
  • Select a Comm port that the USB to serial cable has been connected to. N
Note: If you have multiple comm ports, and you find that you're having problems connecting, try one port at a time until you find the one that works. 
  • Select the 57600 from the BAUD option drop down list
9. Press the Connect button
  • The coloured circle at the top left of the dialogue box will go green when a Com port has found your serial to USB adaptor. The screen will remain like this until the first race has been run. 


10. Time a race on the ATP timing box. Once the race is finished, press the Print and then Enter buttons on your ATP Timing box - normally this would just print a ticket from the ATP timer printer, however now the moment the data is captured from the serial port, the lanes, time, places and event distance will appear on your screen in RaceHQ. The screen will change to appear as per below screen shot. 

  • Note: If no data appears, then try selecting another Com port at step 8


11. By default the screen that will appear with the first race will be the Missing Entries screen (such as the above screen shot). This gives an overview of all race results which do not have a member name entered against them.

12. If you are using this application in conjunction with ResultsHQ, you should run a web syncronisation with ResultsHQ regularly to ensure your member details are accurate. To do so, follow the steps in the RaceHQ settings menu topic by clicking here.

13. To select an individual race, select from the Race ID drop down menu or scroll through races using the blue arrow to the right of the drop down menu. Below is what the individual Race detail screen will look like. From this screen you can:

  • Add member names to each lane
  • Edit results if required
  • Add or edit Event name and race type
  • Write in any comments that you would like to get saved with the race (eg. "possible false start")
  • Upload results to ResultsHQ by pressing the Upload button
  • Print results to a print by pressing Print
  • Browse to results from other dates by using the drop down list of dates at the top right of screen


14. You can now enter in member data as required against each lane. Manually key in ID numbers or names, or use a scanner such as a barcode or RFID scanner to get the member detail against the result. 

15. As you enter names against results the details are saved locally to your computer. You can then Upload those results to ResultsHQ (immediately or later when you have internet)


If you don't get race results displayed as per the above screenshots and steps after pressing Print and then Enter, please check the following:

  • Recheck the settings of your ATP timing box menu to confirm it aligns with the two screens shown in the instructions above
  • Check that the serial port is firmly connected to the serial cable. Despite RaceHQ showing as 'connected' it may not be connected properly on the ATP Timing device side
  • Are there more than one Comm ports to choose from in the drop down list? If so, select a different port and re-run a race and then print enter to see if the data is displayed
  • If there are more than one Comm ports on the computer, physically move the USB plug to another port, and restart the RaceHQ application. 
  • Ensure that you have the latest version of RaceHQ
  • Send an email to or give us a call and we will help out. Try and provide screenshots or detail of what steps you've followed and what issues have occurred.
  • Check for the latest drivers for your serial to USB cable (some cables will required drivers)
  • Ensure that your ATP Timing Box has the correct date

Testing the ATP timing box with RaceHQ without Timing Gates being setup

To test the application without having your timing gates setup try the below:
  • Some ATP timing boxes will have a cable with push button that can be plugged into the timing gate ports, this way you can simulate a race and record a result against one or more lanes. Once you press Print and Enter this will send the results across to the laptop
  • Some ATP timing boxes will enable you to access previous races results and 'Print' them. This is sometimes referred to as 'Dump buffer' but may be different (or non existent) depending on which version you are using
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