How to use the Meet Manager integration within RaceHQ - gated/laned events

Here is a video on how to activate the meet manager function

More instructions coming soon...

But the simple steps are:

  1. Make sure your Meet Manager version has the "Omega Star File Sharing HY-TEK Interface" function enabled (not a standard feature, normally cost extra money for this).
  2. Set up your meet manager events
  3. Export a startlist.csv and concat.txt files - more on this... 
  4. Open up RaceHQ version onwards - latest version
  5. Go to settings - general - Enable the Meet Manager function


6. Finish out of settings

7.  Back in the race screen use the "..." button to browse to the location of the startlist.csv file that you exported in step 3. above and open it.

8. Use the big drop down list to select the upcoming race

9. Run the race as usual, the names for the lanes will be populated based on the start list you selected

10. You can over write the names in lanes by keying in the athlete id/competition number (assuming these numbers are unique across your known athletes in Meet Manager)

11. As you press save you will create a .hw7 file that is the same file structure that the Omega photo finish saves

12. From Meet Manager read in this file and match it to the event required

Some ideas to help this process across two laptops with distance between them, use a Drop Box or Sugarsync type file share application that's free and very simple, providing you have internet on both computers.

When its time to progress heats to finals, you reproduce your start list and re open that from within RaceHQ, so now you have the heats and finals available from the drop down list in RaceHQ.

Hope you have a great day out with this new feature.

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