Meet Manager Integration Steps

Race HQ – Meet Manager Interface


  • Meet Manager with Photo Finish Interface
  • A network with a shared folder (map directory) or internet access on each computer and a shared Drop Box Folder
  • Note: The Meet Manager event files are named according to Meet Manager event naming conventions. ie.  Original event numbers are used not the alternate event numbers and finals are named according to the heat number.

The first 3 numbers reflect the event number in the event list and the second 3 numbers reflect the heat number or that it is a final.

For Example: If the event is #1 in the event list and the event is heat 2 of 3, regardless of the alternate event no, the event will be saved as 001-102. The final of this heat will be saved as 001-201.

Meet Manager Instructions:

To Setup the interface for the first time:

  • SELECT Run, Interfaces, Setup, Photo Finish, then SELECT “Omega Star File Sharing HY-TEK Interface”

To Setup the location of the shared file on either a shared network or the Dropbox Folder:

  • SELECT Run, Interfaces, Photo Finish – Omega Star, Update Startlists
  • SELECT “Change Data Location” and then find the location of the shared folder on the network or the shared Dropbox Folder, then CLICK OK
  • TICK “Activate update of start lists”

Meet Manager is now setup to send start lists to Race HQ and receive results from Race HQ.

You have the option to send a start list of all events or by session.

To send the startlist:

  • SELECT Run, Interfaces, Photo Finish – Omega Star, Update Startlists, then OK, then OK in the popup box.

  • SELECT OK and OK in the popup box, the startlist has now been sent to the shared directory.  Each time a startlist is sent it overwrites the previous file.
  • Alternatively the shortcut CTRL U will send the startlist

To get the results from Race HQ:

  • From the Run Screen, select the event and heat and then click on the button GET TIMES (F3), the results will be imported.

Race HQ Setup:

Select “ Use meet manager event selection files” as shown below

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