Family Portal Nominations

In addition to reviewing your performance gains throughout the season, your family portal provides the ability to nominate in to invitational events. The following information will assist in understanding how this process works.


How to view a list of Invitational Events available for Nomination:

1. Login to your family portal at


2. If there is an Invitational Meet that is accepting Nominations then you will see the Nominations message under the Red notification bar, drop it down to check. Clicking on the view button will provide a listing of meets that you can nominate in to.



3. Click on the date of the meet to begin selecting events to nominate in to.



4. Select a Duty from the Duty Roster (if activated).



5. Select the events that you wish to participate in by checking the box to the right. If there are any events where a potential clash exists when selected they will be identified prior to submitting the nomination. If an event cap exists for the meet then the Next button will vanish if you select more events than allowed. The event number, name, type, additional information, event date and time are clearly indicated in the nomination selection page.



6. After clicking Next button, you will see a Nomination Payment summary (if activated) otherwise you will see step 8.


7. Complete your payment details in the Payment processing page (Paypal).


8. Your confirmation of Nominations page will detail the events selected included any payment required.



9. Prior to Nomination cutoff the summary page will continue to allow editing of the nomination for the meet. Once the nominations close then no further editing is available.  Note that if payment is required you are not able to remove events below the number paid, any additional will incur additional transaction fees.


10. The final step in confirming the Meet Nominations occurs at the Host profile and confirmation of the acceptance of your selection will be present in your Nomination Summary.


Centre Management of Family Nominations


There are a number of reasons that Centres would be required to monitor the nominations of its members.

1. Meet Centre Event Limits

If there is a limit on the number of athletes that can participate from an individual centre then this is not enforced in the family profile. Centre administrators need to review the nomination report to rectify any nomination limit breaches to ensure that the correct athletes are able to participate.

a. Go to Season Calendar and click on Nomination Invites

b. Click on the Meet to review from the list of available meets.

c. Click on the Report button to generate a full nomination report.

d. Scroll down to see if there are any potential error messages

e. Click on the Nomination button to the right of the event that requires attention to modify the list of athletes nominated. PB's are listed as an option to sort on by clicking the heading. It is advisable to ensure that any nomination changes are communicated with those that are affected.

f. If required the report can be printed and distributed to the Host as confirmation of the Nominations including supporting any payments required.


2. Not all required members have completed nominations by the cutoff date.

Follow the steps above to review those who have/have not nominated prior to any cut off dates to ensure that those unable to login online do not miss the opportunity to participate.


Once the Centre cut off (if implemented) has been reached then further changes will need to be performed in the Host profile, contact the organiser of the Meet.

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