McDonalds Points

LAQ have an awards certificate system based on the McDonalds standards. This is integrated within ResultsHQ.

A list of the events and the levels for Green, Red, Blue and Gold are available here in excel - Download

This is the steps and information for this function:

1. To get to the McDonalds points go to Reports - More


2. Then click on the McDonalds Points button


3. Then you have a number of options...

1 - If you want to turn on the Gold level click on that button

2 - To see the logic of the events grouped for each age gender etc

3 - To see the actual best results per event and the levels achieved

4 - Export the complete set of data to excel for further analysis etc

5 - Manage awards lets you undo an accidental award given

6 - Click on the athlete to get a complete list of events/results and colours for that athlete

7 - To award the lowest available award click this button


4. The Manage Awards button lets you remove the status of given award from an athlete if accidentally given. Just click on the delete button if you want to remove the award for that athletes event


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