Set up your Events List

Please note: Before setting up your Program, ensure that at least one Event is added by following the process below

Add/Edit Event list
ResultsHQ comes with a number of available event types which can be used in your Program Templates and Season Calendar e.g. 100m, Shot Put etc. 

As this is a long list, each Centre needs to choose which Events they would like to be displayed within their ResultsHQ profile. This ensures that, once chosen, you only have to manage a small number of Events which are appropriate for your Centre. 

By default, ResultsHQ will be set up without any Events added.

To select events to use in your ResultsHQ profile
  1. Navigate to the More... menu via the link in the top right of screen 
  2. Click on the Events button which is under the Profile heading
  3. From within the Events form, press Add next to the events that you would like to be used in your ResultsHQ proflie
  4. Press Remove next to any Events that you would like to take off the list

In the above screen shot 4x100m and 4x400m have been added, this is evident because they now have the Remove button available
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