Status Manager: Update Payment, PoA, Membership Number

The status manager is where all your registration transactions are found. It will let you view, edit, approve, void (delete) and help track down incomplete registrations.

1. Go to Registrations - Status Manager



2. Once you are on this screen here is a quick over view of what you can see

1- Search too to track down family and or athlete names from all of the available tabs

2- Status Tabs

  •   Unpaid - this would be users selecting cash at the end of registration process
  •   Paid - either the users selected Credit Card, PayPal, or have since paid their "unpaid" registration and are now paid
  • Incomplete - any registration that starts and does not finish can be found in this list
  • Void - if you press the red bin to delete a registration then that registration is void

3 - Each registration has it's only line with the relevant information

4 - Registration report to let you see who has regsistered

5 - Extras report shows you all the items that have been purchased

6 - Shopping cart - shows you the value of registration you owe from cash registration back to the state body and the platform fees collectively. Click on it to see options how how to pay that value 


3. Click on the person Icon to

  1. Edit their Membership number (some states may have this on auto-allocate)
  2. Approve their proof of age then press the update button once you have completed the edit
  3. You can also write a note about the family here



4. To make an Unpaid member paid click on the pencil icon


5. This screen lets you 

  1. Pay Now - the "total" amount will be charged to their Credit/Debit card or PayPal. This will activate the user straight away
  2. Cash Received - if the family pays you with cash or EFT then you want to mark them off here, which will add the Due amount to your shopping cart
  3. If you need to add more athletes, Extras or discount codes this is where you can do it



6. The Pay Now will act as an EFTPOS machine for you and let you key in their Credit/Debit card details or let them pay with their PayPal details for the full Total amount. This will activate the family straight away



7. If you press Cash received then the items on that screen will get flagged as Batched (added to your shopping cart) in the main status manager screen



8. If you press on add items these are the options you have

  1. Edit or delete that athlete
  2. Add another member to that family
  3. Add a discount code to this families transaction
  4. Then save your changes



9.If you want to view the receipt for that registration click on the transaction ID on the left or the eye icon on the right



10. This will show you the full registration details




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