Create a Template for your program

These steps will help you set up new and edit existing template for your programming of events.

1. Go to Events - More


2. Go to Templates


3. You can choose to add a new template, update or delete existing one/s


4. To add a new template fill in the required details and then press add events. Note - Show advanced it not normally required, that's why its hidden. It's only required for large competitions where you have heats to finals or you are using divisional points for school carnivals etc. 


5.To edit and existing template click on Edit and then you will see this screen. Its default is the Matrix view which lets you add more events and see what in the template quickly. If you want to edit the template select the list view.

Note: After the first Event(s) have been added, the Add Events+ button is replaced by the Save Template button.  Therefore, to add additional events to a template, select the events as normal, then click the Save Template button.  The events will be added and the template updated and saved accordingly.


6. This is the list view with the extra options for editing and deleting events.



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