WiFi Race Clock

The wifi race clock is a great accessory for any event. It gives you the ability to show time but also text.



Display Specifications:

  • 90cm long x 20cm tall x two sides
  • Red LED
  • Visible up to 60m in day light

Clock specification:

  • 96cm long x 30cm tall x 20 cm deep
  • 9.8kgs
  • 8 hrs of stand alone rechargeable lithium polymer battery power (20 hours recharge time)
  • Mains power recharge and operate at same time
  • 10mm nut for tripod attachment 
  • 4 x fold out stabilisers for sitting on a flat surface
  • 2 x handles for carrying or hanging from structure
  • Fold out verandas that cover the LED display while in storage but shade the display during operation

Standalone Functionality:

  • Time up/down
  • Add time or reduce time
  • Start/Stop time
  • Reset Time
  • Optional wired plug in stop/start/reset button

Wireless Functionality via RaceHQ connectivity:

  • Start timer when RaceHQ clock start (from start device or manual start)
  • Options to stop the clock when first athlete finishes or keep timing
  • Display name/place/lane (if laned event)/time/PB when the athletes name is keyed or scanned into RaceHQ
  • Free text message board up to 40 characters e.g. "Lunch break - back at 12:20pm" to display/scroll 
  • Brightness control

Approximate cost is $3,850 incl GST


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