Entering Results

Results Entry Process


1. On the Home page scroll down to the dates listed lower on the page
2. Click on the meet date you wish to enter/view/edit results for. These meet dates have come from your Event - Calendar area.    
3. You will now see a list of events that are set up for this date, such as in the below screen shot. You can filter the Events using the options at the top of the page (Gender, Age, Event, With or Without Results) - at this state only one of the filters will work at one time. By default when you first open to this screen, the Without Results filter will be selected, this is to help provide the user with a shortened list of events as the athletics day progresses and events are filled with results.
4. Click on one of the Event names to move into the list of athlete names in that age group  
5. Once in the Event details screen, you will see the names of each registered Member within that particular age group.                                    
6. Press Edit All to be able to enter results against each Members. The screen will change to appear as per below screen shot. 
7. Sort Options:
To sort the athletes to align with your recording sheets, click on one of the sort buttons that appear above the member names, as per the screen shot below highlighted in red
8. Enter your results into the area highlighted in green in above screen shot against each athlete into the relevant Minute, Seconds, or Milliseconds column for track events or Metres or Centimetres for Field events.
9. Press one of the blue Save Changes buttons once you are finished to save the results

Note: Positions within age groups, PBs, Centre Records will be updated as you enter or save results.

Anomaly warning: You will be prompted if a Centre Record has been broken, and will be required to approve. You will also be prompted if a result has been entered that is above or below the average result of that Member by 25% - this is to protect from incorrect key strokes. 

Clicking on "Accept Results" will record the result and update the Centre Record list, clicking on "Close" will return you to the entry screen or clicking on "Accept Results, Discard CRs" will record the results and place the result in the Potential Records report.  For further detail on the Potential Event Records Report click here.

Quick Method for Results Entry

Your web browser (Google Chrome is recommended) has the ability to have multiple web pages open at any one time; these are represented by tabs across the top of the web browse, each representing a separate page that has been opened. By using this feature of the web browser, you can make your results entry much more efficient.

1. Navigate to the Events list of your Meet date as per below. You will keep this web page open in a separate tab for the entire day while you enter results

2. However your mouse over one of the events that you need to enter results for. Right click on your mouse to bring up a list of options. Select; Open Link in New Tab

3. A new tab will appear in your web browser with the particular event that you selected. Note: The original web page - which has the list of events for the day - is still open on a separate tab. You can easily move between the two by clicking on each tab. 

4. Enter your results for the event that you opened, and press Save Changes when complete

5. Close this tab, and you will now be left with the original web page of the list of events for the date

6. Repeat the process

Note: You can have multiple events open in your web browser, eg. You may choose to open up each High Jump event and then enter them in one tab at a time


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