Duplicated members in results entry

Sometimes you will notice that when you are entering results, when you are in Enter/Edit Results screen there are multiple rows for the same person. This will unfortunately prevent you from saving results. 

The creation of this issue is something that we are working hard to rectify, so that this issue does not occur, and this help topic will be redundant! However in the short term, please use the below procedure to fix the issue relatively quickly. If you would like assistance, please contact

1. From within the results view screen, you will not notice any issues. Click on Enter/Edit Results

2. When in the Enter/Edit Results view, ready for results entry, you will notice that specific members may have their names displayed twice. Once of these rows will be 'blank' ie. it will not show zeros like the other rows do. Some examples are highlighted in the below screen shot


3. When in Enter/Edit Results mode and you see the duplicated names, press back in your browser, so that you return to the results viewing screen. You need to access the result details of that member to rectify the problem. To do this, you need to click on their first name; a suggested method is to right click on their first name with your mouse, and then select 'Open Link in new tab' as indicated in the screen shot. 


4. A screen will display which shows the events that have been created against that member for the particular event date that you're reviewing. Notice that there are multiple instances of the same event for that member. Being careful not to delete any events that have a result in the 'result' column, press the orange Delete button against one of the two duplicated events that are displayed. 


This will remove the results entry issue; ensure to complete the process in this screen for every duplicated event against the member.

5. Return to the results entry screen and select Edit All and you will now find that the member is no longer duplicated

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