Hide members from recording sheets and results entry

There may be occasions when you would like to remove / hide members from recording sheets and results entry. This might occur if members are no longer attending your competitions.

This will NOT remove members from your member list, or any registration related reporting, such as batch reports.

Any results recorded against the member will remain in view (ie. anything that has a status other than 'DNS')

To hide member from your recording sheets and results entry screens:

1. From within your ResultsHQ profile, select the Settings button in the top right of screen

2. Under the Weekly Tasks heading select the Member List


3. Your list of members will appear. Click the hyperlink of the surname against the member you'd like to change

Note: You can also do a search from the top right of your home screen for your member and once found, click on their surname


4. The Family Details screen will appear. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and select Update to the right of the member that you would like to Hide



5. The Member Edit screen will appear as per below. Scroll to the bottom. You will notice a field called Participating Member? 

- Using the drop down arrow, select No

- Press the blue Save button



6. Once successful you will be returned to the Family Details page. The member will no longer appear in recording sheets or results entry screens (unless results have already been recorded for this person)


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