Using your Recording Sheets

This may be useful for volunteers who are new the the results recording process

Using your Recording Sheets

  1. Enter your name onto the Recording sheet in the space next to the heading Recorders by. Also enter the Start time onto the Recording Sheet in the appropriate space
  2. As each Member attains a result, enter the result onto the Recording Sheet against the relevant Member's name in the result space
  3. Continue to record all results. Pay attention to the Centre Record which is dispayed on the recording sheet; if one of the athletes breaks this Centre Record it may be required that you notify an Offical to witness the result 
  4. Once all results are recorded, enter the Finish time onto the recording sheet in the appropriate space
  5. Ensure the Recording Sheet is passed onto Centre Official in charge of entering data into ResultsHQ

Your results Recording Sheets will include the following details

  • Details of Event such as  Event Title, Age Group,  Gender
  • Centre Records for the Event
  • Event Rules (if they are set up)
  • Member Names
  • Member ID numbers
  • Member PBs
  • Specific spaces to enter in Results including for multiple attempts such as High Jump etc
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